ATELIER MULTIVERSIONS specializes in the design and production of three-dimensional models, scale models, interactive exhibits, hands-on science interactives and prototypes for exhibitions, museums, architecture, urban planning, engineering, industrial design, advertising, photography and film industry.

Atelier Multiversions has earned a solid reputation nationally and internationally over the last 30 years. Thanks to the creativity and extensive expertise of our team of designers, model makers, electronic engineers, computer graphics designers, mechanical engineers, carpenters and painters, Atelier Multiversions excels in the design and fabrication of customized products, turning ideas and concepts into tangible realities to meet our customers’ needs.

At Atelier Multiversions, we create communication tools that are visually innovative and effective. Browse our site and find out for yourself.

Atelier Multiversions offer the following services:

  • Design and fabrication of hands-on interactives, science exhibits and 3D models
  • Fabrication of architectural models
  • Fabrication of historical models
  • Fabrication of topography models
  • Manufacturing of models for the integration of the arts into architecture
  • Lighting systems for models
  • Fabrication of dioramas and scenic painting
  • Computer graphics
  • 3D modeling and renderings
  • Sculpture and castings
  • Fabrication of props for photography, advertising and the movie industry
  • Custom manufacture of acrylic showcases and accessories
  • Restoration and repair of existing models
  • Transport and installation to exhibition sites.

Visit the Portfolio to discover the scope of our work.

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